SingStar: Vol.2 - Playstation 3

SingStar: Vol.2 - Playstation 3

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SingStar Vol.2 is the sequel to the first SingStar on PS3.

It's a karaoke game, giving points which are distributed by the purity of singing, as in how well does one manage to stay on tune. It doesn't matter if you change octaves in the middle of the song or what words are you singing in (it doesn't have a word recognition), so your singing is rated by how well you manage to hit the correct note at the correct time. There's a new mode called Harmony Duet, in which two players sing different lines of the same song, at the same time.

Also, the game features an access to the SingStore, where players can download their favorite songs. This additional content can range from minor extras such as game wallpaper and viewing other people's SingStar extras with a system similar to YouTube: you can send your video to the network.

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