Silent Hope: Day 1 Edition - Nintendo Switch

Silent Hope: Day 1 Edition - Nintendo Switch

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In a world without words, what hope is there for humanity? Once upon a time, the King of a peaceful land committed an unthinkable transgression when he stole his people's speech. After this betrayal, he leaped into a yawning chasm known as The Abyss never to be seen again. The Princess mourned the loss of her father and cried ceaselessly until her tears entombed her in a crystal teardrop. Many years after these events faded to memory, seven rainbow-colored lights flew from The Abyss. These rays of hope manifested before seven unlikely citizens, who suddenly found themselves drawn to the crystalline Princess. Now it is up to these newfound heroes to brave the depths of The Abyss and find the secluded King to free the Princess from her luminous prison. Explore, fight, and produce items to grow stronger as seven distinct heroes in the tragic world of Silent Hope. This isometric dungeon-crawler harkens back to the glory days of action RPGs but with a modern flair. Guided by The Princess, you'll delve into The Abyss and learn the mysteries of this now-ruined kingdom. Travel between The Abyss and Base Camp as your heroes grow stronger. Comb the dangerous floors below to collect treasures and materials, then return to your sanctuary to create new items to aid in your quest. Equip yourself with gear you've made to take down the throngs of fearsome foes that await you in the treacherous void. What hope is there in a world without words? You.

  • The Day One Edition contains a soundtrack CD, and artwork with the game in a custom box
  • Seven Heroes, Seven Fighting Styles; Choose from a motley crew to see what skills suit you, and embrace new roles as you gain more experience
  • A Home at the Edge of the World; Find new recipes and materials and return to Camp, where each character has a unique job and brings differences
  • Engaging Exploration and Dungeon-Crawling; Experience a new layout each time, keeping you on your toes and stay on the lookout for Memory Rifts
  • A Vibrant Storybook Aesthetic; From its mournful princess, spellbound kingdom, and everyday heroes, Silent Hope feels like a fairy tale come to life

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