Shrek the Third - Game Boy Advance

Shrek the Third - Game Boy Advance

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In the Game Boy Advance version of Shrek the Third, you must complete levels playing as a combination of Shrek, Prince Artie, Puss in Boots, and Donkey. The levels are mostly puzzles, where you can only access certain areas with a certain character, so all playable characters must work together to all reach the end. Each character has special abilities, such as Shrek's ground pound to break through pits in the ground.

You will encounter many different AI types throughout gameplay, including evil witches, arrow-shooting guys, gnomes, etc. There are collectible faeries in each level that you must collect enough of to progress to the next world.

This is a simple platformer-puzzle game that is mostly geared towards children, seeing as there are no lives, and relatively simple combat, but it should also appeal to adults who enjoy the Shrek franchise.


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