Shinobi - Nintendo 3DS

Shinobi - Nintendo 3DS

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Shinobi is not necessarily a sequel nor a remake. At it's core, it's an infusion of modern technology, control and design styles combined with the classic gameplay, style, and ideals of classic Genesis-era Shinobi games. Shinobi for the 3DS it is a side-scrolling action game where the 3-D depth and visuals are used to layer challenges such as traps and enemy attacks. The gameplay world is modeled in 3D and the style is that of a modern 2.5D game. As such, when the player is moving through areas, the levels will rotate in 3-D along paths, but gameplay will remain in a 2-D plane.

Taking control of Jiro Musashi, players must utilize quick reflexes and careful planning to fight, slash, jump, and climb their way through levels. Like Shinobi III on the Genesis/Mega-Drive, Jiro has a double jump, from which a down-ward katana strike may be launched, or where Jiro may throw a swath shuriken outward in a circle covering a large area of the stage. Jiro also comes equipped with wall-jumping abilities which, in classic gaming fashion, tend to be put to the test in areas with pointy surfaces. Up to five shuriken may be thrown in quick succession, after which there is a brief waiting period where Jiro "readies" five more shuriken. Players also have the ability to block or parry attacks from enemies, and utilizing this skill becomes highly important to regular gameplay, and learning to use it becomes a necessity to survive some enemy and boss encounters.

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