Shin Megami Tensei IV Limited Edition - Nintendo 3DS

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East Mikado is a fantasy land reminiscent of the feudal Japan. The protagonist of the game is a young samurai entrusted with the task of tracking down a mysterious being known as the Black Samurai. It appears that lately more and more people were being turned into demons because of the books handed to them by that enigmatic person. As the hero and his friends investigate the matter they become involved in a conflict between two faiths, the Mikado church and the cult of Gaia.

Shin Megami Tensei IV is a role-playing game and a part of the main series in the Megami Tensei universe, though story-wise it is not connected to its immediate predecessor. It is also one of the few Megami Tensei titles that are not set in a modern-day or post-apocalyptic environment. However, the game features many recurrent themes of the series, such as the struggle between the forces of Law and Chaos. During the course of the plot the player will be prompted to make crucial decisions that affect the protagonist's standing with the two warring factions, leading to different endgame sequences.

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