Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures - Original Xbox

Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures - Original Xbox

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Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures is 3D action game derived from SeaWorld's Shamu orca shows. The game follows the adventures of the killer whale Shamu and the manatee Horatio as they try to stop Poseidon’s. Who has plans to raise Atlantis to the surface and replace it for SeaWorld.

The game can be played on three difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard. In the game the player will take control of Shamu and take instructions from Horatio. In addition to a health bar Shamu also has an oxygen bar that need to be replenished to keep going. There is also an agility percentage meter, a higher number will let you perform more Animal behavior. Gameplay includes swimming around and collecting items like krill balls and oxygen to replenish health, oxygen and agility. The game is played mostly from a side perspective. While traversing the levels the player has to evade sea mines, solve puzzles, battle the kraken and explore Atlantis.

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