Shadow Blasters - Sega Genesis

Shadow Blasters - Sega Genesis

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Humans on Earth have lost their righteous ways. After seeing that this has happened, the Gods have decided to abandon the Earthlings and no longer protect them. Ashura, the King of an alien race hailing from the Evil World, decides that this is the perfect time to strike the vulnerable unprotected Earth. It just so happens that one of the good gods, Hyperion, takes pity on the humans and decides to bestow his power to four of the strongest Earth warriors so they can go and defeat Ashura and his minions.

The player takes control of these four warriors who are Leo, a fencer, Marco, a monk, and Horatio and Tiffany, whom are both ninjas (one male, one female). Each character fires their own type of weapon and each character can charge up their weapon to make it a more powerful shot. All the characters also have a special weapon that can clear all the enemies on the screen but with the caveat that it can only be used once per stage. Each character also has a jump and speed attribute which when powered up allows them to jump higher and walk faster. Players can switch between all of the characters during a stage.

The game has 9 different stages. The player can play the first six (mountain, harbor, street, future, glen, and forest) in any order. Each round ends with a boss which must be defeated to clear that round.


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