Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure - Nintendo Wii

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure - Nintendo Wii

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Sea Monsters is based on the National Geographic CGI documentary of the same name, where earth's underwater world from millions of years ago is portrayed as a dangerous environment with different kinds of predators keeping the ecosystem intact.

Players take command of six different prehistoric marine reptiles, each with their own skills and weaknesses. A large part is spent on exploration. The creatures need to hunt prey, avoid or defeat foes, unlock hidden challenges and eventually find a way to escape the dangerous waters.

Creatures are controlled through the stylus to move them around. They can dodge with a quick tap (DS) or a swing (Wii) and go into combat mode to lock on targets and attack. Next to regular attacks, the creature can dodge an incoming attack and a bite icon appears. Quickly select it and the next attack will be much stronger. Some monsters have special abilities, activated by tapping the sonar icon in the bottom left corner when it becomes visible. This allows them to swim stealthily, dig, break rocks or jump.

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