Scribblenauts - Nintendo DS

Scribblenauts - Nintendo DS

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Scribblenauts is a side-scrolling action game based on puzzles. The goal is to have the character Maxwell overcome obstacles by summoning objects based on a dictionary of more than 20.000 words, partly based on the concept of the real-life game Mad Libs. This is done by writing an object's name on the touchscreen, letter by letter. When the word is recognized, the object spawns in the world, where it can be manipulated or act on its own. This leads to an endless amount of possibilities to progress through the game. For instance, when an item needs to be retrieved from a tree, you could summon a ladder to get it out, a football to hit it, or just a helicopter or an albatross to fly over there. There are also more bizarre examples, such as summoning a time machine, going back in time to fetch a dinosaur egg, make it hatch and then use it in the future to defeat an army of robot zombies. The list also includes weapons, historical people, and even references to popular cultures and internet memes. Profanity and trademarked objects are not recognized. There is also a spelling checker included to offer suggestions.

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