Scarface: The World is Yours (Collector's Edition) - Playstation 2

Scarface: The World is Yours (Collector's Edition) - Playstation 2

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Miami in the '80s: gangs, drugs and hookers dominate the scene and a Cuban called Tony Montana rises up to be the most powerful drug dealer, controlling the whole of Miami. This is the story of the 1983 movie Scarface in which Tony Montana dies during a attack from a rival gang on his mansion at the end. The game now puts the player in the shoes of Tony a few moments before the gang hits his office.

After he successfully defends his mansion, his empire lies in ruins. But Tony wouldn't be Tony Montana if he would just give up, so it is the player's goal to reclaim Miami once again. To do so, he has to earn money and respect. The only way to earn money in Miami is to deal drugs. At the beginning the stuff is bought in small amounts and personally sold to the dealers. Eventually, however, Tony can set up so-called "Fronts" which are legitimate shops (like a car seller) in which drugs are sold in very large amounts. By overtaking "Fronts", Tony also increases his control over the current district of Miami. To completely overtake one part of town, all the enemy gangs scattered around in small groups must be eliminated.

As in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the player is free to roam the city of Miami and there are also some side-missions with racing events.

This collector's edition contains 2 DVDs and includes:

  • Scarface: The World is Yours
  • Making-of documentary
  • A walkthrough of the game with the producer
  • Cast videos and interviews
  • Hints and tips video
  • Game concept art
  • Printed world map of Miami and the islands

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