Rugrats: Castle Capers - Game Boy Advance

Rugrats: Castle Capers - Game Boy Advance

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Angelica has claimed herself queen of the castle that Stu Pickles built. She has hid all the Rugrats' toys inside. In six side scrolling levels you have to reclaim what is lost. At the end of each level the players will find one of the items that Angelica has taken.

During the levels the player can collect food which can be used to divert enemies like squirrels and cuckoo birds. You can choose which Rugrat you want to play, but you will encounter the others along your way as NPCs. You have to finish the game with the Rugrat you chose. You can also collect diapers, coins and cookies to increase your life.

The Rugrats can walk, climb, jump and sometimes fly through the levels which each have a unique theme.


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