World Bowling - Game Boy Classic

World Bowling - Game Boy Classic

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World Bowling is a bowling game in which the player has to beat bowling alleys from six different countries (England, China, Japan, Canada, France, USA). To win the game, all alleys have to be beaten in a row with an increasing points requirement (200 to 250) - if the score is missed once, it is back to the beginning.

The player can set the weight of the bowling ball: a heavier ball has more power but this goes in turn with a loss of control. It also depends on the chosen player character: the male is better with heavy balls while the female character should use a lighter one. The throw itself is divided into three parts: character position on the alley, control and power. While the first is simply chosen by lining the character up, the latter two are reaction games: a marker goes from left to right (and vice versa) and the player has to hit the button when the marker reaches the desired point. A high value (i.e. the marker is right) in control means that the throw is straight while a high power determines the speed and strength.


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