Rogue Galaxy - Playstation 2

Rogue Galaxy - Playstation 2

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Jaster Rogue, a young man from the planet Rosa, has always dreamed of exploring the stars. His home planet is a great source of highly sought natural resources and so has recently been occupied by the Longardia Commonwealth as protection from the Draxian Empire. The people of Rosa are highly oppressed and not allowed to leave the planet, but fortunately for Jaster, he's mistaken for the legendary hunter, Desert Claw, by a band of space pirates. Their captain, Dorgengoa, recruits him and other various people for the task of finding a mythical planet, called Eden, which is said to hold the secrets of an advanced civilization and vast treasures; enough to rule the galaxy. But the Daytron Corporation and its president Valkog Drazer is also looking for this mythical planet and will stop at nothing to find it.

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