Rock Of The Dead - Xbox 360

Rock Of The Dead - Xbox 360

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 Rock of the Dead uses existing Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars and drums in an on-rails experience, essentially combining Guitar Hero with Typing of the Dead. It stars Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day and includes several Rob Zombie and White Zombie songs, as well as Rob Zombie himself.

Like most on-rails games, it uses the familiar first-person perspective and guides the player throughout the environments. There are two main ways of dealing with enemies. The majority of the enemies use untimed measures. There is a measure associated with each enemy. Depending on the difficulty level, these measures can contain from one single note to a series of complex chords. Players play the corresponding note sequence as quick as possible to defeat the enemy, though accuracy is also gauged. Many mini-bosses and all bosses also use timed measures, which is similar to Guitar Hero where the player is playing a series of note-tracked notes along a scrolling measure.

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