Rock Band 3 - Nintendo Wii

Rock Band 3 - Nintendo Wii

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Rock Band 3 is the third game in the main Rock Band series, and features numerous new additions to the original game. As with previous games in the series, players form a band (of up to seven players) and perform a song together using guitar, bass, drums, vocals (solo or harmonies) and new to this game, keyboard. By working together, players can maximise their scores. Each player can fill a power bar by performing special sets of notes. When they have enough of these, they can activate "Overdrive" which adds a x2 multiplier for each player that has Overdrive activated simultaneously (so, for example, having four players with Overdrive activate will score you x8 rather than x2 for only one person).

Vocal harmonies, first introduced in The Beatles: Rock Band, are carried over into the main Rock Band series for the first time. Up to three players can perform on the microphone, with one player performing the lead, and the remaining players performing backing vocals. By keeping in harmony with each other, players can earn double or triple score, depending on how many players can keep up. The game also introduces a new style of play for each of the instruments, "Pro Mode". Pro Mode is more accurate to actual instruments for those players who are looking for an even greater challenge - guitars have multiple buttons on the fret board and players must actually strum strings, the drums must have the three cymbal attachment, while with the keyboard, even more keys are used so that the performance is much closer to actual play.

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