Robotrek - Super Nintendo - Complete

Robotrek - Super Nintendo - Complete

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There exists a prosperous town named Rococo built on all the latest modern conveniences. Living in Rococo is a famous inventor, Dr. Akihabara and his son. All is peaceful until suddenly a group known as "Hackers" appear and begin causing trouble. The Hackers and their robotic monsters take part in robberies, vandalism and destruction around the world. Dr. Akihabara leaves on a voyage determined to thwart the Hackers plan, leaving his son behind in Rococo. As strange things begin to happen in and around Rococo, Akihabara's son decides to investigate. Idolizing his father and also wishing to grow up to be an inventor, he builds himself a robotic fighting machine and sets out on his Robotrek...

Robotrek is a fantasy RPG with sci-fi and steampunk elements. Players take the role of Akihabara's son, living in his lab at Rococo. The majority of the game is an overhead view, traveling through areas, talking to people and using items. Early on in the game, the player will learn how to create a robot in the laboratory and will use this this robot in a side-view battle mode to combat monsters and gain experience. The robots can be upgraded and equipped with different types of weapons, both found and invented. The player can have a total of three different robots to choose to send to battle, which allows customization strategies for certain situations and enemies.

Akihabara's son will also need to think up new inventions to thwart the challenges in front of him. He gets the ideas for these inventions from talking to people or witnessing events which cause a lightbulb to go off above his head. New items then become available for production in the lab. Also, many existing items including his own inventions can be combined properly in the lab to create new items and weapons. Items no longer wanted can often be turned into scrap which sometimes is also able to be combined.

Note: Complete products come with original box, manual, tray insert and game. May or may not includes other inserts and plastic wrappers.


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