Ridge Racer 64 - Nintendo 64

Ridge Racer 64 - Nintendo 64

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If you're looking for the ultimate in road-racing realism, you've definitely clicked on the wrong title. But for pedal-to-the-metal arcade racing, Ridge Racer 64 brings home the checkered flag. Most of the racetracks are direct ports (with new scenery added) from the older Ridge Racer games for the PlayStation, but if you're new to the series, the Nintendo 64 version offers a great introduction to the classic racing franchise.

Ridge Racer 64 features 25 different racing cars--but you'll need to win a race in order to unlock many of these sporty vehicles. Each car presents its own challenges, as control varies widely for each vehicle. The luscious graphics help create the game's illusion of speed. In particular, the feeling of a fast-moving environment remains intact in the processor-crunching four-player mode.


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