Red Steel 2 - Nintendo Wii

Red Steel 2 - Nintendo Wii

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Red Steel 2 is the sequel to Red Steel and just like the original game it is a brawler played from a first-person perspective. The game trades the modern day urban setting for an Old West environment mixed with Eastern influences and even some science fiction elements. It also introduces a new story not related to the first game. The visual design has been changed from a realistic style to a looser cel shaded design. The unnamed male protagonist is the last member of the Kusagari clan. After a period of exile he returns to his his desert home city Caldera, where he finds out that his clan has been extinguished and the city has been taken over by the Jackals gang. As they hunt him down, he barely escapes but loses his treasured Sora katana to them. Freeing his old swordsmaster Jian, he borrows his sword take on the task of retrieving the katana and vanquishing the gang of bandits led by their leader Payne who conspires with Shinjiro, the main antagonist and a former member of the Kusagari who killed almost everyone to reveal the mysterious katana's powers.

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