ReCore: Definitive Edition - Xbox One

ReCore: Definitive Edition - Xbox One

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ReCore: Definitive Edition is an updated version of ReCore. It includes new game content as well as various graphical updates. Owners of the original ReCore have the option to download all the new content from this edition for free. The digital release of ReCore became obsolete upon the release of this edition and has been replaced upon its release.

Some of the new features in the definitive edition include:

  • New "Eye of Obsidian" story adventure
  • New "T8-NK" Corebot frame
  • Upscaled to higher resolutions with HDR skies and lightning
  • Dynamic storms in "Shifting Sands" regions
  • 10 new dungeons and 2 new overworld areas to explore
  • 3 new weapon modes for Energy Rifle
  • 20 new achievements
  • several new Corebot upgrade pieces
  • increased level cap from 30 to 40
  • 4 new bosses and tank challenges
  • Various updates, changes and fine-tuning in gameplay

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