Record of Agarest War - Xbox 360

Record of Agarest War - Xbox 360

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Record of Agarest War uses a traditional backdrop scenario: forces of ancient evil awaken and the player character, initially the military officer Leonhardt, has to save the world. He is forced to make a deal with the mysterious Dyshana which gives him the power to fight evil; in return he and his decedents are condemned to seal it away for all times. The plot is told in five chapters which all have different player characters (who are the son of the previous character). During the first four generations, the player deals with different women and the choices in cutscenes and dialogues determine how affected they become to the hero. At the end of the chapter, he mates with the woman with the strongest bond (or gets to choose if he has a positive relationship to more than one) and this has a direct influence on the appearance and statistics of their son. Additionally there are many other choices to make (mostly either tactical or moral) which have an effect on the story (sometimes cross-generational) and the player's morality which influences which non-player characters join the party.

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