Real Soccer 2009 - Nintendo DS

Real Soccer 2009 - Nintendo DS

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Real Soccer 2009 is the fourth 3D game in the Real Football series and first one for the iPhone. Like in previous 3D games in the series the game is played from a elevated side view. The controls of the game differ between the platforms. The Symbian and Windows Mobile versions retain the button based controls of previous games, while the iPhone version uses a virtual d-pad and two buttons on the touch screen. Unique to the iPhone are the throw ins which are done by tilting the phone. The Nintendo DS has optional touch controls which are used in combination with the D-pad. When activated it allows the player to shoot, pass and dribble by tapping and drawing simple figures with the stylus. On the DSi version there is also an option to take photos that can be turned into custom balls or team flags. The Android version uses track pad for movement and touch buttons for shooting and passing.

The mobile versions (but not the DS) have the FIFPRO license and include real players but no real teams or competitions. All versions contain common game modes like friendlies, cups and leagues. Some of the mobile versions also include the RF league which is played on an online leaderboard where scores are posted to a WAP portal. The game contains about 200 clubs and national teams from six different leagues.

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