Raw Danger! - Playstation 2

Raw Danger! - Playstation 2

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The year is 2010. Joshua Harwell and Stephanie McMurrough got a job as waiters in the opening event of Geo City, a new underground city that marks a step forward in advanced and safe city design. Everything is going well...but then a levee breaks and the Hudson River unleashes its wrath on Geo City. Panic and chaos spreads around the place.
Who will survive?

Raw Danger is the sequel to Disaster Report (AKA SOS: The Final Escape in Europe). In this game you must guide not only Joshua and Stephanie but also several other characters out of their pending underwater grave. Those characters include Amber Brazil, a young woman wrongly accused of murdering her brother, a cab driver, an amnesiac and a schoolgirl. By making the right choices you get to play also as Keith Helm, the hero of the previous game.

The main goal of the game is getting past various obstacles and challenges while keeping your body temperature. As the temperature drops the characters' movement slows down and eventually they'll collapse. You can keep warm with heat sources such as stoves, radiators and barrel fires, which are used also to save the game and cook food that charges your energy.

Each character has its own type of gameplay: Joshua is strong and young and can perform physically challenging tasks, Amber has handcuffs which limit her movement and must use stealth tactics to avoid the police, and the taxi driver uses his taxi to avoid different disasters.

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