Rapala for Kinect - Xbox 360

Rapala for Kinect - Xbox 360

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    Rapala for Kinect is, as is likely obvious, a fishing game. This game, however, is played in one of the most unconventional manners likely ever seen in the pantheon of fishing games. Motion controls with the Kinect peripheral are the singular input methods for the game.

    There are two primary modes in the game, Arcade Fishing and Boat Race Mode. Arcade fishing is generally as it sounds, simply fishing with a focus on catching the largest fish, and certain target fish in the fastest times and hardest of three difficulties (which can be selected as a fish is first caught). Players cast the line, attract a fish and reel the fish in. This, however, is where Rapala for Kinect takes a drastic departure from a typical arcade fishing game. Player physically swing their right arm overhand to cast a line, and scan the level moving left to right with the left arm. Various actions may then be done to attract a fish, such as twisting the torso to either side, moving hands quickly in circular patterns, moving hands up and down, and the like.

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