Rambo III - Sega Master Sys.

Rambo III - Sega Master Sys.

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Player will take the part of Rambo in this light phaser game, battling their way through Afghanistan in a solo rescue mission. There are two reasons for him to fight alone: the first is that the C.I.A. doesn't want to stir up a war, and the second is simply because this is Rambo! The mission is to rescue Rambo's comrade Colonel Trautman from the Soviets. He was taken in as prisoner while he was delivering weapons to the Mujahedin freedom fighters and is being held captive in a prison camp.

An AK-47 and grenades are the only weapons available. Additional grenades can be picked up by blasting open containers such as pots and crates. The goal is simple: eliminate all the enemies that appear on screen to reach the next stage!

The first stage is a Soviet army base packed full of soldiers. The next stage is a village where the Soviets are hiding. Then the rest of the levels are the mountains, the prison camp, the Soviet camp (night escape), the cave attack, then the final stage with the face-off between Rambo and the Mil Hind helicopter.


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