Raft Rider - Atari 2600

Raft Rider - Atari 2600

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In Raft Rider you are floating down a river on a raft made out of logs. Your goal is to guide the raft as far down the river as possible while avoiding the many obstacles. You will come across dangerous rocks, trees, beavers (which chop down trees making more obstacles!), and even a moose, all of which can sink your raft. For each segment of river you travel 125 points are earned, and additional bonus points may be earned by collecting gold nuggets which you will encounter in the river from time to time. You begin the game with three rafts (bonus rafts can be earned), and the game ends when all of the rafts have been sunk. Several difficulty levels are available which control the speed of the current, as well as the speed of the beaver and moose.

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