Quantum Break - Xbox One

Quantum Break - Xbox One

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Quantum Break is a third-person action game with cover shooter mechanics. The game's protagonist is Jack Joyce and it starts in medias res at the fictional Riverport University, set in the Northeastern United States. He is there with his gifted brother William Joyce who works at the university as a physics scientist. They are experimenting with time travel and at the start of the game it is revealed right away that the experiments have gone wrong. They also cause stutters that affect the flow of time in the everyday environment. Jack needs to escape from the facility with his brother while soldiers arrive, attempting to cover up the disaster. His brother is soon taken away and Jack looks for a way to find him back, with the help of a woman called Beth Wilder he meets early. Jack, together with Paul Serene introduced later on, both receive different time-manipulation abilities through the experiments. They are initially best friends, but their powers take them in different directions. Unlike Jack, Paul has precognition and can foresee the future. He wants to get rid of Jack and Beth to be the only one who can exploit the powers.

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