Quake II - Nintendo 64

Quake II - Nintendo 64

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Be all you can be: become a Space Marine, and save the world. Quake II places you in the role of a generic Marine, the sole survivor of a last-ditch assault force sent against the Strogg's mysterious alien home world. Starting your mission with only a pistol, you'll eventually scavenge much more impressive weaponry from those less fortunate squad mates who didn't quite make it. Action fans will relish the BFG's (game manual's definition is "big, uh, freakin' gun") massive room-clearing discharge, while snipers will delight in the electromagnetic railgun's precise, devastating blast. You get to use these toys on all manner of nightmarish creatures, most of them cobbled together from the remains of your former comrades. In one of the game's least pleasant scenes, you fight your way through the bloody factory that assembles the piecemeal horrors.


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