Pump It Up: Exceed (Dance Pad Bundle) - Playstation 2

Pump It Up: Exceed (Dance Pad Bundle) - Playstation 2

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Pump It Up: Exceed is a dancing game similar to the games in the Dance Dance Revolution series. The Pump It Up dance mat is different from the norm as the arrows are set on diagonals and includes a button in the middle which allows for more complexity in the dance moves that are required to be performed in the game.

The general gameplay has the player watching a music video as symbols scroll by. The player must match the symbols on the screen with the symbols on the Pump It Up dance pad with their feet. Hitting the arrows in sync with the music will keep the players life bar up and give the player a good rating, while doing the opposite will drain the life bar and give bad ratings. If the life bar drains all the way, the game ends.

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