Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Nintendo 3DS

Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Nintendo 3DS

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Level 5 and Capcom join their forces by combining their two independent franchises into a new game. Capcom's top defense attorney, Phoenix Wright with his assistant, Maya, as well as Level 5's duo for knack of solving puzzles, professor Layton with his assistant, Luke Triton. Professor Layton gets a mysterious visit which pulls him to a wild chase of witches an magic... something neither Layton nor Luke believe in.

At the same time, Phoenix Wright arrives with his assistant, Maya Fey, to an airfield in London on a case. While English courtroom presents some slight differences in how Phoenix defends his clients, he still pulls it off as masterfully as ever. Both Phoenix and Layton, independently, find themselves reading pages from a book called Historia Labyrinthia where they appear to be the characters in. What's more, they magically find themselves transported to the world described in the book.

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