Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - Xbox One

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - Xbox One

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PES 2015: Pro Evolution Soccer is the 2015 title in this football series and the first for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. General improvements include improved presentation and animations, more responsive players, enhanced artificial intelligence especially for team tactics and a better use of how statistics influence individual players. Licenses include the Champions League, Europa League, Asian Champions League, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, as well as general leagues and cups. It also has a second division for English, Italy and Spain. Certain clubs such as the English ones and the Premier League are not licensed. Those have the statistics and an appearance that resembles that of the real players, but with different names for both the players and the clubs.

This edition introduces myClub, an online game mode similar to Ultimate Team in the EA FIFA series where players start from scratch, can assemble their own squad through agents and recruit a manager. Buying players is done through in-game credits (GP) earned in the mode or other ones, or through achievements, but optionally microtransactions (myClub coins) can be used to invest real money. All players are however also accessible through regular means, but with a longer time to earn the required money. Earning GP raises the EXGP experience level and with a certain amount a new EXLV (level) is reached. Games can be played against other human players or against the computer. Other modes are Football Life, Match (quick games), Master League and Become a Legend. As with previous games, it is possible to play 11-on-11 with 22 human players.

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