Princess Natasha - Nintendo DS

Princess Natasha - Nintendo DS

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Based on the flash animation series for AOL kids which ran from 2004 to 2006, this game casts the player as Princess Natasha. She is a regular student, but also has to hide she is a princess and a secret agent. One day, her father King Carl tells her something strange has happened in the kingdom of Zoravia. All the citizens are walking around like zombies and Natasha is the only one who can help them, together with her friend Oleg.

The game starts on a city map where Oleg's super radar provides the coordinates on her booferberry of the robots turning the citizens into zombies. Next to the main missions, there are also bonus levels marked by a red spot. To complete a chapter, a set amount of citizens needs to be saved in the different levels. After choosing a location, Natasha needs to select a modification for her remote device. These gadgets will become more powerful during the game.

The game is played as a regular platformer. Natasha can be moved around, she can jump, crouch, climb ladders, kick and punch with different combos and use a gadget. The use of gadgets is limited through a charging bar. Citizens need to be saved before they turn into full zombies. Natasha uses a dezombifier to turn gray zombies back into citizens, but the green ones cannot be saved anymore.

The game contains an Extras menu with artwork and pictures. A third option, codes, allows the player to enter codes found on a website to change a few gameplay options.

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