Pressure Cooker  - Atari 2600

Pressure Cooker - Atari 2600

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In Pressure Cooker, you are a cook whose job is to fulfill hamburger orders at "The Grille". Along the bottom of the screen, you will see the orders for various types of hamburgers come in. Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and cheese may all be requested and you need to collect the proper ingredients, put them on a hamburger, and drop it in the wrapping machine. The hamburgers will be coming down the left side of the screen on a conveyer belt as all other ingredients come flying out of the dispensers on the right. Make sure you catch all the ingredients and don't let any hamburgers fall off the end of the conveyer belt, otherwise you'll lose performance points! If your performance score drops to zero, you will be fired and the game ends. Of course, the ingredients will rarely come out in the desired order, so you also have the ability to toss an ingredient back without losing performance points if necessary. As you successfully create the ordered hamburgers and drop them in the proper wrapping machine, the game difficulty will increase by upping the speed of the conveyer belt and increasing the complexity of the orders.

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