Press Your Luck: 2010 Edition - Nintendo Wii

Press Your Luck: 2010 Edition - Nintendo Wii

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Don't let the "2010 Edition" fool you - this is based off of the original version of the popular 80's game show Press Your Luck. The garish 1980s set and the flow of the show have both been faithfully replicated in digital form. The game features a single player mode, where the contestant plays through 20 shows of different opponents and increasing difficulty. Alternatively, up to three players can play an episode as contestants in the game's "Party Mode."

Gameplay mirrors the game show it is based on. There are two rounds, each with a question phase and a board phase. Players are asked four multiple-choice questions in the question phase. Ringing in first and giving the correct answer nets you 3 spins. The other two players then get a chance to pick their answer to earn 1 spin. Incorrect answers gain no spins.

In the board phase, players use their accumulated spins to rack up cash. The board "spins" at random until the player hits a button to stop the cycle, earning whatever cash on the space the board stopped on. If the board stops on a cartoon "Whammy," that contestant's score is set to zero. Four Whammies removes that contestant from the game. The idea is to "press your luck" as long as you can, and then dump remaining spins off on another player in hopes of forcing them into a Whammy.

As players win games, they unlock new costumes and hairstyles for their avatar.

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