PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient - Playstation Portable (PSP)

PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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The aim of the PQ is simple: guide a human character referred to as "Player" to the exit of a 3d room, based on movement over a grid, in multiple stages. Developed under the supervision of Kyoto University professor Masuo Koyasu, the game challenges your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) through PQ (Practical Intelligence Quotient), your ability to solve spatial puzzles.

To reach the exit, you have to avoid spotlights, dodge guards, move boxes to form steps and bridges, ride conveyor-belts, trigger doors with weight-specific pressure plates and more. There are ten rooms to each level, and each room is timed. Failing to exit the room within the time limit does not result in a game over, but it impacts your overall score for the level, which is an average of all ten rooms. Through the Wi-Fi connection, you can upload your best scores and compare them with others worldwide.

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