Poy Poy - Playstation 1

Poy Poy - Playstation 1

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In Poy Poy, contestants from all over the land come together to compete for big cash prizes and the honor of being crowned the Poy Poy Cup champion. To become champion you have to beat three rounds on each of the six stages. You can choose from a variety of characters each with different attributes.

Poy Poy is a multiplayer party/action-game in which four players battle it out by throwing rocks, bombs, logs, wooden boxes, etc. at each other on varying battle arenas for a set amount of time. At the end players are awarded points based on their remaining health, how many times they were able to hit others with objects and how many white hearts they were able to collect from the arena. Players can also choose from a number of psyche-gloves, that give them various special-abilities when used. There is also the Channel Poy Poy studio's lobby area that has a glove shop, a glove tune-up shop, and a memory card access terminal.

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