Power Rangers: Ninja Storm  - Game Boy Advance

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm - Game Boy Advance

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Players can switch into any of the rangers in the groups by pressing Select. Pressing Select while playing as the Green Samurai Ranger makes him do a special attack which harms all surrounding enemies.

Each ranger also has their own special attack which takes time to recharge and in each group the rangers have one out of two standard weapons they can attack with. In order to switch one weapon to the other, the rangers must destroy boxes and pick up the weapon. Usually, one of the weapons is a close-range sword, while the other is a longer-range weapon such as a blaster or a long fire blade for the Green Samurai Ranger. Collecting the same weapon will also level up the weapon making it do more damage.

After going through the stage and defeating the boss in combat, players switch to a megazord battle where they must press the A and B button, as well as a direction button in time to do an attack on the enemy. When the meter on the bottom is almost completely red and the enemy is almost defeated, players can do a stronger attack by pressing one of the buttons simultaneously with the R button and doing that successfully will prompt players to use an item to attack.


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