Power Factory featuring C+C Music Factory - Sega CD

Power Factory featuring C+C Music Factory - Sega CD

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The first of Digital Pictures' "Make My Video" line has you "editing" three of C + C Music Factory's most famous songs - "Gonna Make You Sweat", "Things That Make You Go Hmm..." and "Here We Go Let's Rock & Roll."

The plot puts you inside the music factory of the game's name, where two linemen sweat and toil under the oppressive thumb of a wheelchair-bound corporate executive. Video discs literally roll down an assembly line while C + C record their sounds behind three closed doors. You are asked to help out in editing these videos, appease the corporate masters, and lift the burden from everyone.

The game is played from a panel meant to resemble and act as a non-linear editor. Editing is entirely linear however, as three distinct video "feeds" run simultaneously along the bottom of the screen. Each is mapped to the A, B, or C button, and pressing one sends that video to master viewer, where it is recorded. The D-pad toggles various effects on and off from a bin in the upper left. One feed will always be of C + C's actual video, with the other two holding appropriate stock footage (like a doorbell timed to appear with the lyrics "Ding dong, who is it?").

The video can not be stopped or rewound once the editing process begins, so the player must quickly route video to the viewer and apply effects within a given amount of time. This allows for editing challenges, where the player must fill specific requests, like having fast cuts or showing no dancers.

After a video is edited, the player gets to watch their cut in its entirety. They are then graded by the FMV characters and move to the next song, or try a new edit of the previous one.


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