HDTV Cable - For PS1 and PS2

HDTV Cable - For PS1 and PS2

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No game system boasts a library of games better than the PS2.
Unfortunately, the PS classic games available for the PS2 console were not compatible with the PS3 or future versions. The good news is, the PS2 HD Link Cable by POUND makes it possible to play your PS2 games on your brand new television. As you may have guessed, our goal has always been to bring old-school games to the modernized world, and with this PS 2 HDMI converter cable, you can do just that.

We tap into the PS2's native RGB signal to create excellent color reproduction and higher fidelity image quality than can be achieved with standard AV cables. This also affords the PS2 HDMI cable backwards compatibility with the original Sony PS console. Yes, you read that right! Play your PSX or PS using the PS2 HDMI converter cable.

    • Say goodbye to blurry textures and text. The POUND HD Link Cable produces a nice, crisp image so you can focus on the game.
    • Enjoy your PS games in stunning graphical clarity. Your childhood never looked this good.
    • Say goodbye to crushed blacks and blown out highlights. The PS2 HDMI adapter cable's colors have been calibrated for the PS 2 and the PS 1.

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