Postal - Sega Dreamcast

Postal - Sega Dreamcast

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Hello, game lovers do you like to play games? Let`s check out our Postal for Sega Dreamcast, a controversial and boundary-pushing gaming experience that challenges the norms of traditional video games. Available exclusively by VGNYsoft Games, Postal for Sega Dreamcast pushes the limits of free-roaming mayhem and dark humor.

Step into the shoes of The Postal Dude, a disgruntled protagonist who embarks on a chaotic rampage through a town filled with bizarre characters and unpredictable events. Engage in a variety of missions, wreak havoc with an arsenal of destructive weapons, and unleash your inner anarchist.

Postal for Sega Dreamcast combines open-world exploration, satirical storytelling, and unconventional gameplay mechanics to deliver a truly unique gaming experience. Whether you choose to follow the game's dark narrative or unleash pure chaos upon the unsuspecting townsfolk, Postal will test your moral compass and leave an unforgettable impact.

Prepare to embrace the controversy and explore the boundaries of gaming with Postal for Sega Dreamcast, available exclusively by VGNYsoft Games. It's time to unleash your wild side and experience a game that defies convention.


  • 17 Levels
  • Beautiful hand-painted backgrounds
  • Couch Co-Op mode with up to 4 players!
  • Controller, Twin Stick and VMU support
  • Runs at a blazing 60fps!
  • 480p and VGA support
  • Supports HDMI & VGA Cables
  • Region Free


New games for the Dreamcast system are produced with the leading standard of the industry. Using media production factories, high quality packaging and professional printers to create products just like they were released in 1999! While these games are not licensed or endorsed by Sega, they are Licensed by the software rights holder and manufactured on to media for consumer production and not knockoffs or burned cd copies.

This is produced on MIL-CD, while the majority of Dreamcast consoles are compatible with MIL based media some of the units in the very last productions are unable to read the media. This can be identified by reading production date information system label on the underside of the console. Units with a production date on or after November 2000 may not be compatible with this product.

Disclaimer: The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product received.

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