Populous DS  - Nintendo DS

Populous DS - Nintendo DS

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Populous DS is a modern portable version of the classic strategy game. Much like the other, older titles in the series, players assume the role of a god and battle against a demon in a game of strategic management of worshipers and land. The gods of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Harvest are available for players to choose to play through the game's various challenges and environments. Each god, of course, has their associated demon to topple. As with previous titles in the franchise, players manipulate the land, order around worshipers, and send divine intervention against the opposing demon. A stage is completed when an Armageddon strikes the land causing the gods to fight one another while their worshipers fight below on the ground.

This DS version of the game features touch-screen controls for all aspects of the game, thus simplifying some elements such as raising or lowering landscape. Players simply double-tap houses to eject worshipers to send them off on errands. Both Miracles and Orders can be activated using menu items on the touch-screen, and while holding the L button down, players may also use the stylus to manually move the landscape around. When Miracles are activated, a pre-rendered animation plays on the top screen of the DS. The top screen also shows the "actual" landscape with detailed images of the worshipers, deities, buildings, and so forth, while the bottom screen features basic colored geometry.

The game features a Challenge mode, wherein levels are listed in order with gradually increasing challenge. This mode also houses the lengthy and detailed tutorial for the game, and is where gods are unlocked for regular gameplay later on. There are also various bonuses unlocked by earning medals from mini-games, and an Extra menu with extremely challenging stages. There is also a Free Play mode where players may customize many of the game rules including victory conditions, landscape range, allowed miracles, and god selection. Another mode called Warrior Hunt has players tasked with hunting for warrior characters hidden around a map. Lastly, there is a multiplayer mode for up to four players, which also features a variety of customize-able rules, and another version of Warrior Hunt.

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