PlayStation VR Worlds - PlayStation 4

PlayStation VR Worlds - PlayStation 4

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PlayStation VR Worlds is a set of several short games that demonstrate different aspects and gameplay styles using VR headset. The game starts in an antic looking hall with various game titles appearing on the walls and adding the right ambiance for the game in question upon selection (i.e. adding water reflection upon selecting Ocean Descent game). Each game contains textual info and setting in the shared menu area before going into the game itself. Every game is playable with a regular dualshock controller, but some may offer enhanced gameplay with move controllers.

VR games included in this title are:

  • VR Luge - Riding a skateboard in a lying position and speeding downhill across similar looking levels during both daytime and nighttime. There is no danger of dying or hitting an incoming vehicle. Instead, it just slows you down and you pass through a car or a truck, reveling its vector outline while passing through it.
  • Scavengers Odyssey - A first person shooter where you drive a bot or a small mech. The story takes place in space, on a space station, aboard a spaceship, inside the asteroids, all that while the player is battling alien bugs. Analogue controllers smoothly move and rotate your bot, while jumping is done by setting the destination via projected arc. Your weapons will overheat if you fire non-stop and can be temporarily upgraded by collecting upgrades after defeating enemies. The player protagonist it not a human, but an alien himself.
  • Danger Ball - A 3D version of air hockey where the player only uses his head (VR headset) to steer the ball upon impact.
  • The London Heist - This game is used best with move controllers to simulate both hands and is a typical cover-based first-person shooter where player can use his hands to grab things, reload and fire a gun, and his body (VR headset) to duck behind the cover or peek around the corner.
  • Ocean Descent - A deep diving game that feels like a demo since player literally can't do anything but look around. Depending on the game mode selected, the player can simply enjoy underwater life brimming with all kinds of fish, sea turtles, corals and other life forms, go on a descent into the darker parts of the ocean and see animals such as jellyfish, or play a story mode and descend in a cage all the way down to encounter a nuclear submarine and get attacked by a stray shark.
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