PGA Tour 96 - Game Boy Classic

PGA Tour 96 - Game Boy Classic

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PGA Tour 96 for the Game Boy is the second and last entry in the EA Sports golf series on Nintendo's handheld, following on from PGA European Tour. Compared to other versions, it offers a different selection of playing modes, licensed golfers and courses, and also has its own style of graphical presentation.

The game includes five licensed courses: Avenel, Woodlands, Scottsdale, Summerlin and Sawgrass. Available playing modes are Practice, Tournament and a Skins Challenge. Up to two players can play, with any combination of human and AI players possible. Two human players can play taking turns on one Game Boy and it is also possible to watch AI players play by themselves.

Before a game, players can select from four different club sets. Actual gameplay is different from most contemporary golf games: the current hole to be played is seen from a top-down view. In this view, club and spin options are set and the target location marked by a crosshair. The view then switches to a perspective besides the golfer for the actual swing, which is controlled via the standard three-click method (start, strength, accuracy), visualized by a bar. The flight of the ball is again seen in the top-down view. For putting, the top-down view changes to a close-up of the green and the side-view zooms in on the golfer's feet.


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