Petz Wild Animals: Dolphinz - Nintendo DS

Petz Wild Animals: Dolphinz - Nintendo DS

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Following the tradition of the Petz series for PC, Ubisoft brings the series to the DS with this title. It is the first game in a new branch called "Wild Animals" and based itself on taking care of dolphins and other sea animals.

The game starts with the player portrayed as a young boy or girl (Greg or Mila) working for his/her uncle Bob at his marine amusement park as a summer job. The final mission is to manage the zoo that also serves as a sanctuary for endangered species. Apart from dolphins there are many other animals like orcas, penguins, hammerhead sharks and more to take care of. Each of them has an identity card with some explanations about its characteristics.

Caring, as usual, consists of feeding, cleaning and playing with the animals, but also training for the shows at the zoo. If the animals are in a good mood and are well trained, more people will come to visit the amusement shows at the park and further improvements in the zoo can be made. The player can make the zoo bigger to save more endangered animals and also maintain and improve the facilities. To help with this tasks the player will meet some NPCs, like a life-guard, a veterinarian and a sailor.

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