Petz: Hamsterz Life 2 - Nintendo DS

Petz: Hamsterz Life 2 - Nintendo DS

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Hamsterz 2 is the sequel to the Nintendo DS title Hamsterz Life, an entry in the DS Petz series.

More than a sequel, this game tuns away from all the strange features of the first one and focuses on pet caring simulation. There is no more chatting with your hamster nor costumes to dress them up. Mini-games are also relegated to a secondary level as they are no more mandatory to advance in the game. Aside from sharing the same name and brand, this title and the earlier game do not have much in common and were created by different development teams, as Hamsterz 2 is a US port of the original Japanese DS title Hamster to Kurasou.

After the player customizes his/her identity and the environment for his avatar, a cousin visits and ask the player to care for one of the children of his hamster. From now on, the usual pet caring simulation starts. Cleaning, feeding and playing with your hamster is rewarded with starts, that serve as the currency in Hamsterz 2. With enough stars, the player can visit the pet store and buy bigger cages and all kind of toys and tools for the pets. Having hamsters of different sexes in the same cage can lead to them having children.

Hamsterz 2 features 12 different hamster breeds plus two unlockable exotic ones. There are also 200 different toys and accessories to unlock and other 34 "treasure" items. A multi-player mode also exists, where friends' cages can be visited and mini-games can be played with them.

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