Painkiller: Hell Wars - Original Xbox

Painkiller: Hell Wars - Original Xbox

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This Xbox version of Painkiller is a collection of the best levels from the original game and its expansion pack, Battle Out of Hell. As Daniel Garner, a once normal man that died in a car accident, you have been sent to Purgatory during a war between Heaven and Hell. You'll blast your way through hordes of monsters as you fight for your purification.

Like the original game, Painkiller: Hell Wars is a retro shooter that plays very similarly to Quake. Your weapons don't need to be reloaded, and switching from weapon to weapon is very quick (no weapon switching animations), a nod to the original Quake. You can collect souls from your fallen enemies to gain health, and collecting 66 souls will turn you into an invincible demon that can instantly kill his enemies with a screen-blurring projectile. If you do well, you'll even be rewarded with power-ups in the form of tarot cards.

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