Paddington: Adventures in London - Nintendo 3DS

Paddington: Adventures in London - Nintendo 3DS

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Paddington: Adventures in London is an action game based on the critically-acclaimed 2014 film Paddington (which in turn is based on the children's books by Michael Bond).

The gameplay involves players helping the Peruvian bear complete several missions (some even assigned by the Brown family of whom Paddington moved in with) across the bustling city of London (in 6 neighbourhoods) in order to become famous among the British people and become the perfect 'Gentlebear'.

Players simply move Paddington by tapping the stylus on wherever they want on the pavement, as well as double-tapping on the location to make Paddington run. The stylus is used to talk to characters, collecting certain items needed throughout the tasks and activating objects around the streets. The upper screen displays the number of quests currently completed, the name of the street you're in, the number of marmalade sandwiches found (one of Paddington's favourite snacks!) and the current score. The game also includes a wide variety of minigames with players to test their skills.

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