Pac-Man Party - Nintendo Wii

Pac-Man Party - Nintendo Wii

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Pac-Man Party is a party game starring Pac-Man and friends with around 50 mini-games in total. The game commemorates the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. Pac-Man receives a letter from Mr. Cookie from the Pac-Dot cookie company. Warning him a thief is planning to steal his cookie recipe included with the letter. Moments after this the recipe is stolen by Blinky the red ghost and you have to get it back while playing various mini-games. The goal in the game is to collect a certain number of cookies. This can be achieved in different ways. Among them is the building and defending of castles on the map.

The game offers three modes. The single player story mode in which you explore the five game board worlds and come across new characters. A party mode for up to four players on a choose abele world and a Mini Games battle mode in which you can play the mini-games directly. While playing the game rewards can be earned. In the game are also three classic arcade games included: Pac-ManGalaga and Dig Dug.

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