Pac-Man Fever - Gamecube

Pac-Man Fever - Gamecube

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Pac-Man Fever takes place again! This time, Pac-Man is throwing a party and has invited his other Namco friends to join in the activities. Players can choose for the six following characters:

Pac-Man (from Pac-Man), Ms. Pac-Man (from Ms. Pac-Man), Heihachi Mishima (from Tekken), Tiger Jackson (from Tekken), Astaroth (from Soul Calibur), and Reiko (from Ridge Racer).

Gameplay is similar to Nintendo's Mario Party, in which each player competes in a set of mini-games to advance around the board of three various worlds (Medieval, Space and Tropical).

Players set the length of the game (short, medium, long) and play in rounds. Each round begins with a mini-game which determines how far a player can move on the board. Each tile on the board enables players to move forward or go backward, lose, gain, or steal tokens, play a single or two player mini-game, spend earned tokens, or a raffle game to earn redemption tickets.

With store tiles, players can spend tokens to move forward, move other players backward, buy raffle tickets, or gamble for more tokens.

Once a player reaches the end of the board, players receive redemption tickets based on how far they got on the board. These can be used to buy each mini-game separately for tournament play outside the game. Once all the mini-games have been purchased, players can add up all of their tickets to total up their overall high score.
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