Out of This World! / Helicopter Rescue! - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Complete

Out of This World! / Helicopter Rescue! - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Complete

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  • Out of This World! is a slightly upgraded version of Space Rendezvous. It is somewhat similar to Lunar Lander. Two players have to try to link up their spaceships to the orbiting mother ship, while avoiding hitting the ground. Each ship has 50 megajoules of power and will be refueled when a perfect link-up is performed. A counter will be displayed for each player, and wins the player who first performs 10 perfect link-ups. If one player goes out of fuel, he's out of game. A soft landing for the first descent will grant 20 megajoules of fuel to the space ship, up to a maximum of 60. Crashing the ship will take 10 megajoules to repair it. There are three possible modes of play:

    1. Lunar gravity (selected by pressing "3"): easiest mode. The moon is less than 1/3 the diameter of Earth.
    2. Martian gravity (selected by pressing "2"): harder. Mars' diameter is about half that of Earth.
    3. Jupiter's gravity (selected by pressing "0"): most challenging. Jupiter's volume is equal to 1,319 of Earth's and its mass is 2 1/2 times that of all other planets combined.
  • Helicopter Rescue! (selected by pressing "1") has the player in control of the Daredevil helicopter rescue ship. The object is to rescue the most people from the Doomsday Hotel's rooftop within two minutes and place them in the Rescue Station. The helicopter is controlled with the directional stick and the rescue basket is controlled with the action button. Pressing and holding the action button will bring the basket down; pressing again and holding will bring it up.

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