Mouse Trap / Operation / Simon - Game Boy Advance

Mouse Trap / Operation / Simon - Game Boy Advance

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Operation Armored Liberty is a Game Boy Advance remake of Super Battletank. Taking place during the invasion of Iraq, the player controls a lone M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank from the first-person viewpoint. Each of the ten levels requires the player to defeat all enemies on the map to proceed. To accomplish this, players are given several different weapons and abilities, including their tank's main cannon and a smoke screen. Levels three and onward feature boss battles against a static objective at the end of each level. The player is also given the opportunity to visit friendly bases to repair damage and rearm their tank.

Despite the gameplay being similar to the original SNES release of Super Battletank, there are some changes made in Operation Armored Liberty. The game's time period has been updated to feature the more recent 2003 Invasion of Iraq in contrast to the original's setting in Operation Desert Storm. Operation Armored Liberty also features a password save system and allows for unlimited retries after failing a level. Gameplay has also been changed as the player now has an unlimited fire rate for their main cannon and are no longer able to traverse their turret left or right.


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